Scotch Bonnet Burst Chilli Sauce (Hot)

Scotch Bonnet Burst Chilli Sauce (Hot)


A fruity blend of refreshing taste, layers of heat and flavour. A delicious all-purpose sauce that is slightly sweet with citrus overtones. This blend of natural goodness makes this hot sauce simply a burst of tropical flavours that really stand out!


Try our hot and fiery chilli sauce as MARINADE, GLAZE, DIP OR SPREAD.


Dietary Information: Gluten free; No Dairy; No Nuts; No added Sugars; No artificial additives; Vegetarian; Vegan; Kosher 20 servings per 100g

Ingredients: Chilli Peppers, Olive Oil, White Vinegar, Herbs & Spices, Pepper, Salt


Health Benefits:  Raises metabolic rate, boosts circulation and heart health, reduce inflammation. Rich with Vitamin A, C & D; Potassium & dietary Fibre. Linked to with reduced blood pressure and cholesterol. A therapeutic, relaxant that clears congestion.

  • Details

    A fruity blend of taste and layers of heat and flavours, with a finishing that is refreshingly sweet and pleasant. All purpose sauce concentrated sauce to add to your rice, pasta, eggs, pizza, dips, stews and much more.

    For marinade and when adding to any cooking use 1/2 to 1 teaspoon for 2-6 persons. As marinade, use 1 teaspoon added to 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil. Try it on your roasts and enjoy! Once open, refrigerate and use in 3 months.