Blood Orange Chilli Jam (Mild) - 130g

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A sheer delight with delicate flavour with bitter-sweet overtones, this fine cut fruity dark pigmented and unusual masterpiece is a limited edition that leaves one wanting more…


Try it on hot buttered toast, scones, custard and rice pudding for a burst of spicy citrusy sweetness. Add flavour to cheese, hot and cold puddings, glaze on poultry dishes and roast.


Dietary Information: Gluten free; No Dairy; No Nuts; Vegetarian; Vegan;


25 servings per 100g


Ingredients: Blood Oranges (35g per 100g), Limes, Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid, Trisodium Citrate.


Health benefits: contains Anthocyanins with anti-inflammatory properties, Rich in Vitamins C, Vitamin A for healthy skin, Folic Acid & Calcium

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