Who We Are


Welcome ~ Croeso ~ Mawuya ~ Ngiyanemukela



Goch & Company was founded in May 2012 by husband and wife, Standage and Valerie Creusailor .


The Creusailors' love of fine quality authentic foods was nurtured, in Southern Africa where home grown spices and herbs were abundant, and making sauces & prickles was eventful, bringing the family together. 


The Creusailors felt compelled to share their incredible & luxurious products of their homeland, and Goch sauces emerged. Our range of products continues to grow with Olive Oils, Marmalade & Jams, sweet savoury exotic Chutney and much more...

Our sauces are based on a traditional African family recipe, very concentrated with an average 20 servings per 100g.

The best bit is that our products are free from many allergens, are suitable for vegetarians and made from fresh, highest quality ingredients. 

We bring to you a traditional and authentic taste of Africa made in Wales! 

Our exquisite products can be used as a condiment, a delicious flavour to any meat, fish, salads & vegetables. Great in stir fries, as dips, add to soups, sandwiches,  make yummy marinades and much more...

Goch Sauces are gluten free, and all our products have no artificial colours, flavours or additives. 








Team Goch