Frequently Asked Questions


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How do I use Goch Sauces?


Our sauces are all-purpose and perfect for any cuisine. Uses include:


  • Marinade - vegetables, meat or fish - your fish dinners will never be the same. Great on salmon too.

  • Spread - toast, sandwiches, bruschettas and more

  • Table Sauces (condiment) - gives any food authentic flavours

  • Dip - compliment favourite appetizers 

  • Just add to soup 


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How much sauce do I need to use?

There are 20 servings in every 100g, 8 servings in 40g. That is 5g or a teaspoon in each serving.


One or more servings may be added to any cuisine to meet your taste and heat preference in your food.  The same applies to using Goch sauces as a Marinade, spread and for dipping. 


For dipping - enjoy Goch sauce on its own particularly the milder sauces in our range. For the medium Bird's Eye Twist and hot Habanero Perfection, serving suggestions include adding natural yogurt or mayonnaise per serving and serve. BUT if you love your flavour and heat, enjoy it neat! 


See our  RECIPEs for more inspiration and have fun with your food...


Do Goch Sauces contain Nuts?

No. Our factory is nuts free and our products do not contain any Nuts.

How long does Goch Sauce last?

Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 3 months

What is a Scoville Scale?

The simplest of definition for the Scoville scale is that the Scoville scale helps us put a rating on the heat in Chilli Peppers.  It’s a heat rating index of hot peppers running from no heat to “oh my goodness, it's a burner!” and even beyond.The Scoville scale is actually named after  a pharmacist, Wilber Scoville who created a simple way to measure the pungency of a hot pepper.